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Is there a book, website, or app that you recommend for praying the Anglican daily office? Thanks.

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Thank you for this; a collaboration between you and Sauter was something I didn't know I needed. Now we just need to get FPR to do a special Lewis Carrol issue and have you and your brothers (I'm assuming Robert is a huge fan as well?) contribute.

This interview really complements one you did a while back with David Armstrong (here: https://perennialdigression.substack.com/p/silent-pilgrimage-with-addison-hodges ). I tend to live inside my head more than I probably should and am quite comfortable with the mystical aspects of what you talk/write about. Your emphasis on the pragmatic and pastoral is much needed and appreciated for me.

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Thank you for all of those book recommendations. I especially enjoyed those bits about the pastoral nature of English spirituality. I recall your brother David saying in some zoom talk that he doesn’t have a pastoral bone in his body - lol. Well, I’m glad you do.

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A marvelous overview of "pragmatic mysticism." Comprehensive, concise. You don't need to take notes: one-liners are memorable. Thanks also for Michael Sauter on "cultivating practice."

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