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Apostle Paul (1): his "worlds"

Politics and the passions: Addendum (free post)

Politics and the passions

Some notices about forthcoming books

Nature, God, and us

Beyond "monism" and "dualism"; beyond "spiritual" and "fleshly"

Peter Brook's "The Mahābhārata" (1989)

Beyond "religion" and "spirituality"

The Holy Spirit: two-thirds of a Russian documentary

"Remaining Christian": an eight-minute video (free post)

A dead end in meditation

Recommended book and lecture: "Christ the Eternal Tao"

Force, violence, and the kingdom

Between presumption and disobedience: Gregory's dilemma

Two recommended lectures (free post)

Athanasius, the Logos, and salvation through the senses

When we come to the fork in the road

St. Anthony's "madness"

Three minutes on Thomas Cole and "The Voyage of Life" (video)

"A Third Testament": Malcolm Muggeridge's six-part video series, fifty years later

Prayer: what it is

Mysticism and music 10: Arvo Pärt and St. Silouan the Athonite (three videos)

The last temptation

Confucius: two cinematic treatments (free post)

Mencius and coming to know Heaven

A reflection in Paschaltide: Addendum (free post)

A reflection in Paschaltide

Mysticism and music 9: Stabat Mater in nine versions

Self, no-self, & human "complexity"

Paul and Jewish mysticism (free post)

Doing the work of remembrance

Getting "faith" wrong...

Remembering Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel: two videos

The non-negotiable first commandment

The "Comment Magazine" interview (free post)

"The Monastery": forty days and forty nights in the New Mexican desert

Spiritual direction (7): "There is no health in us"

Spiritual direction (6): Watchers and watchfulness

Spiritual direction (5): Childhood, despair, and Gehenna

Recommended article: Matthew Milliner's "The Tree of India"

Spiritual direction (4): Reconstructing our faith

Free post: "Why This Text Matters": a recommended video series from the University of Chicago Divinity School

Spiritual direction (3): the conditions of the unconditional

A grab bag of items (free post)

Spiritual direction (2): love and death

Recommended: Antiquum Documentum (and a note regarding the last post on "politics & social media")

Spiritual direction (1): concerning politics & social media

David B., Robert W., and I answer a question concerning the "Hartian style"

The Gospels, part 15: The Gospel of Thomas

To you all for New Year's Day: two bits of spiritual advice...