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The Gospels, part 14: prepping for the Gospel of Thomas

The Nativity of Christ: a reflection

The Gospels, part 13: The Gospel of John (4)

Spiritual direction: a list of books

With Christmas coming... a few online recommendations for you

The Gospels, part 12: The Gospel of John (3)

Answering Jung's "Answer to Job": a video interview for "Transcendent Psychotherapist"

An invitation...

C. S. Lewis, mystic (free post)

The Gospels, part 11: The Gospel of John (2)

The Gospels, part 10: The Gospel of John (1)

Slogans and spiritual sanity (free post)

The Gospels, part 9: The Gospel of Luke (2)

The Beguines: an extraordinary women's mystical "movement" in the middle ages (free post)

The Gospels, part 8: The Gospel of Luke (1)

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom on suffering (free post)

Jung's argument with God

The limitations of Zen (free post)

Sufism and the Christian East: a symposium (free post)

The Gospels, part 7: The Gospel of Matthew (3)

Tarkovsky's cinematic masterpiece, "Andrei Rublev" (1966) - YouTube links, etc.

The Gospels, part 6: The Gospel of Matthew (2)

Mysticism and music 8: Elgar's setting of Newman's "The Dream of Gerontius"

The Gospels, part 5: The Gospel of Matthew (1)

The Gospels, part 4: The Gospel of Mark (3)

A recommendation: The Anglican Office Book (2nd Edition)

The mystical tradition of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (free post)

The Gospels, part 3: The Gospel of Mark (2)

The Gospels, part 2: The Gospel of Mark (1)

Mysticism and music 7: Christian chant

The Gospels, part 1: the mystical dimension

William Dalrymple's "Indian Journeys" & Tim O'Neill's "History for Atheists": two recommendations

Lectio divina, part 2

Lectio divina, part 1

"Monastic Heritage" (free post)

Reading ancient spiritual texts intelligently

Odds and ends (free post)

The limits of "gnosis"

Remembering Jacob Needleman (1934 - 2022)

Cassian, Benedict, and timeless monastic wisdom

The purity of contemplation

D. T. Suzuki: a recommended documentary on YouTube

In memoriam

"Dark Ages" (2009) - a recommended video

Mysticism and music 6: Hildegard von Bingen (free post)

Pragmatism, the remedy for dogmatism

Where Buddhism and Christianity intersect

The spirituality of ghost stories

Another podcast discussion (free post)

Buddhist - Taoist - Christian dialogue... in the 8th century (free post)

Out of the ordinary...

Zen's demystifying of mysticism

Two recommended series: Tudor monastery farm life and an "extreme pilgrim" (free post)

What mysticism is not

Reflections on Ecclesiastes, part 5: Memento mori

Reflections on Ecclesiastes, part 4: ...But is there really nothing new under the sun...?

Film link: The Voyage of Bashô (2018)

Reflections on Ecclesiastes, part 3: The illusion of human "progress"

Books (free post)

Julian of Norwich: a recommended BBC video documentary (free post)

Reflections on Ecclesiastes, part 2: the discontents of a king

Another quick recommendation

Reflections on Ecclesiastes, part 1: Qohelet's "Middle Way"

The pragmatism of the Trinity

With humor in mind: "C. P. Cranch’s Very Literal Illustrations of Emerson’s Nature (ca. 1837–39)"

Humor and "spirituality"

Mysticism and music 5: Haydn's “The Seven Last Words of Christ” (free post)

Judas in two reflections

Mysticism and music 4: John Tavener's "Fall and Resurrection" (free post)

Symbolism, diabolism, apophaticism, and Zen

Distractions, disputations, and demons

Announcing the publication of my most recent book: "The Voyage of Life: The Sacred Vision of Thomas Cole"

The individual, "attrait," and spiritual direction

Mysticism and music 3: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the "Five Mystical Songs" of George Herbert (free post)

The Bible: what it is

Extra: my recent interview on the Fellow Traveler Podcast

Experience, insight, and practice

Recommended series on the Jesus Sutras

Into the wilderness

A non-philosophy of mind: in response to a question

The four types of the Christian way, part 4

My recent interview for the "Regeneration Podcast"

Mysticism and music 2: Herbie Hancock and Nichiren Buddhism (free post)

The four types of the Christian way, part 3

Bonus Post: Evelyn Underhill, Christopher Bryant, and Martin Laird

The four types of the Christian way, part 2

Thomas Cole, contemplative artist (free post)

The four types of the Christian Way, part 1

Mysticism and music 1: Gustav Holst's "The Hymn of Jesus" (free post)

An announcement concerning my two forthcoming titles in 2023